Automobile Moving

Automobile Moving

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Automobile service means any building, structure, improvements, or land used for the replacement of any part, or repair of any part, to an automobile that does not require removal of the engine head or pan, engine transmission or differential, including, but not limited to oil change and lubrication, cooling, electrical, fuel and exhaust systems, wheel alignment and balancing, brake adjustment, relining and repairs, mufflers, batteries, new tire services and sales (includes fixing/repairing customer flat tires), shock absorbers, installation of stereo equipment, car alarms or cellular phones, but excludes dismantling, rebuilding, reconditioning, or salvage of automobiles, in whole or in part. No abandoned vehicles shall be stored on the premises. No vehicle to be serviced shall remain on the premises more than forty-five days.

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Sharma Packers and Movers Warehousing and Delivery service makes the safe storage and careful transport of all your goods at our number one priority.

Corporate Moving

Corporate just need to give us their date of relocation and leave the rest upon us. Corporate packers at Sharma Packers & Movers assures you for time bound packing and moving of valuables with 100 % safety.

Industrial Moving

Our industrial moving team can micro schedule the move to conform to your operational needs and execute every detail in the optimum manner to ensure maximum protection of your assets.

Residential Moving

When it comes to residential moves, just give all your worries to us. We assure you with our best services at the time of wrapping, loading, unloading and unwrapping.

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Express delivery is an innovative service is effective logistics solution for the delivery of small cargo. This service is useful for companies various.

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